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Do you need a water dispenser? Supply water at the wanted water temperature? A filtered water dispenser to supply you with clean and reliable water? Tap water in Singapore is generally safe, and drinking a glass of water at home is common. Having reliable, clean water and an easy-to-use water dispenser are essential. There are numerous water dispensers on the market. These models have their benefits and drawbacks, from traditional models to low-maintenance tankless water dispensers and everything in between. Read on to discover the pros and cons of each type of residential clean water dispenser available today.
Water Dispenser

What is a water dispenser?

A water dispenser is often a device that dispenses purified drinking water, even alkaline water. We are not referring to water purifiers that may have water purification served the same purpose. It can be installed in a restaurant, office, or home. Water dispensers often come in many forms and varieties, so it’s important to consider the specific requirements of your home before making a purchase. For example, if you have a lot of people in your household who drink coffee and tea, you might want to purchase a dispenser that can provide warm water. Alternatively, if you have a lot of kids in your home, you may want to purchase a unit that dispenses cold water. There are also many different types of filters available for water dispensers, so choosing one that will work best for your specific needs is important. Another consideration when purchasing a water dispenser is the size and shape of the unit. For example, if you’re planning on using the dispenser in your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll need to ensure that it will fit comfortably in those spaces. Additionally, some units come with built-in cup holders or storage trays, which can be helpful if you plan to store extra cups or glasses near the unit.

Water dispensers in Singapore

Water dispensers can be classified into a few categories in the market today. This article will explore a few types that stand out for their features and benefits. The first type is the traditional water dispenser found in most homes. These water dispensers require either manual or electric turning to dispense water from a reservoir. These units can also be used as a water filtration system for your drinking water.
Water Dispenser
The second type is the automatic water dispenser which usually serves more than one person at a time and is typically installed in restaurants, hotels, and cafeterias. Automatic models are good when you need to provide water to your guests without any hassles regularly; they don’t require manual turning to dispense water. The third type is the low-maintenance model, also called an intelligent model, because it offers ease of use with fewer moving parts that could break down over time. This model typically doesn’t require manual turning like other standard models. Instead, it detects when people need to drink from it and turns on automatically when someone tries to grab one of the faucets on its body. The last type is the novita instant hot and cold water dispenser W1 which provides instant tankless heating and cold water on demand with its HydroNano water filter that filters heavy metals and unwanted substances and gives you purified water, and saves space in your kitchen or even workplace. Go to the product page to find out more.

How to choose the best type of water dispenser?

Before you decide which type of water dispenser to purchase, consider how the water is dispensed. Are you looking for a low-maintenance dispenser? A high-output one? Are you trying to avoid pouring chemicals into your drinking water? If so, you probably want the novita W1, which serves not only room temperature water but is instant hot water and cold water dispenser that redefines old rules, giving you extra time, excess space, more savings, quality water and energy efficiency instantly.
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On the other hand, if you want a highly customizable dispenser that allows for manual operation, then a traditional model may be more suitable for your needs. But what about the type of material from which the dispenser is constructed? Is it essential that your new water dispenser is composed of BPA-free materials? If so, then maybe your best option would be an automatic model. If you have questions about how this relates to your specific use case or need assistance choosing the right water dispenser, contact us today!

Installing a kitchen tap and a filtration system

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and reliable water dispenser, tap water in the kitchen and filtration system is the way to go, like the novita W1, the number 1 and best water dispenser in Singapore. It connects directly to your water pipe and filters the water to supply you with clean, pristine and purified water conveniently! These systems need less maintenance than other dispensers since they only require a periodic change of filters. In addition, it is smartly equipped with a self-maintenance system sanitization that can be auto-activated to clean and sterilize the internal flow pipes once every 72 hours of operation via electrolysis technology. This is to ensure the whole piping system is free of germs, mineral depositions and scaling and working optimally to produce clean and purified water. This is the perfect option if you want something simple with minimal upkeep.
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Pros of Installing a tankless water dispenser

The novita W1 tankless water dispensers are a convenient and effective way to instantly drink purified water in 4 different temperature options – hot, cold, warm and room at the touch of your finger. Unique to novita W1 is a HydroNano 5-stage filtration system that provides optimum filtration performance to remove all the suspended particles, heavy metals, sediments, 99.99% bacteria and chlorine found in the source water. As a result, you can enjoy fresh, quality, great-tasting purified water to hydrate and revitalise the body daily. novita W1 is engineered with 4th Generation Technology that advances smart, stable, and sleek configurations. It is a tankless water dispenser, adopting an instant heating system which only heats up what you need for energy efficiency. Unlike traditional water dispensers with a water tank, the dispenser serves hot and cold water instantly whenever you need it and has energy conservation in mind. The water temperature will suit your need each time the water dispenses, offering peace of mind.

Cons of Installing a tankless water dispenser

There are a few potential disadvantages of installing a tankless water dispenser. One is that it may be more expensive upfront than a traditional dispenser. Additionally, tankless water heaters require a direct water source or water pipe to supply water. Finally, tankless water heaters may not be able to provide enough cold water for large families or households with high water demand.
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Pros of Installing a Traditional water dispenser

A traditional water dispenser can be a great addition to any home. They are relatively inexpensive and can provide a convenient way to get clean, fresh water. Dispensers can also be used to store water for emergencies. One of the main benefits of having a water dispenser is that it allows you a quick and easy way to get fresh water. If you have a dispenser in your kitchen, you won’t have to wait for the tap water to run cold before you can start drinking it. And if you have a dispenser in your office, you can avoid going to the water cooler every time you need a drink. Another benefit of traditional water dispensers with a tank is that they can store water in emergencies. If there is a power outage or a natural disaster, having a dispenser full of water can be a lifesaver. Water dispensers are a great way to access fresh, clean water. They are relatively inexpensive and can be used in both homes and offices.

Cons of Installing a traditional water dispenser

Traditional water coolers and dispensers can be a little bulky and use higher power consumption. While they are easy to use, they require a fair bit of maintenance, such as the descaling of the internal water tanks. Another downside is that these models may need to be replaced after several years, depending on how often you use them and how well they are maintained. There also might not be enough room for these units in your home, as there needs to be enough space for the unit, the piping, and all other related hardware.
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Knowing what a water dispenser is can save you time and money in the long run. There are many water dispensers in Singapore, and you need to consider your needs when you choose a water dispenser. Installing a tankless water dispenser is an excellent choice to ensure that you instantly have a reliable quality water supply!