The Dehumidifier with Air Purifier

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Are you looking for a way to keep your home comfortable, safe, and healthy? The ND25.5 is the perfect 2-in-1 appliance for you! It combines an air purifier and dehumidifier into one powerful unit that can tackle all of your air quality needs. Keep reading to learn more about how this remarkable appliance can help improve your home environment!

Dehumidifier + Air Purifier The 2-In-1 ND25.5

Overview of the Novita ND25.5

The Novita ND25.5 is the latest 2-in-1 dehumidifier and air purifier offering from Novita. This 41m² unit is designed to be both energy efficient and user friendly, with a semi-permanent built-in ionizer, automatic humidity sensor, and extraction rate of 25.5L/day at 30°C and 80% RH. It features a low airflow of 250 m³/hr and a high air flow of 290 m³/hr. The ND25.5 comes with a 3-year full warranty coverage, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for long-term use. Additionally, the unit includes an H11 HEPA and granular activated carbon filter for superior air purification performance. With all these features, the Novita ND25.5 is sure to bring freshness and comfort to your home or office environment.

Notable Features of the Novita ND25.5

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The Novita ND25.5 is an impressive dehumidifier and air purifier combination that can handle spaces up to 620 sq ft and 495 sq ft for dehumidifying and air purification respectively. This dehumidifier has a high performance extraction rate of 25.5 litres/day, while the powerful ionizer emits up to 20 million/cm3 of negative ions to freshen the air quality. It also features a semi-permanent built-in ionizer and auto humidity sensor, allowing you to program a start or stop time for your dehumidifier according to your needs. Furthermore, the ND25.5 is also backed by a 3-year full warranty, giving you peace of mind when using this product.

Benefits of the Novita ND25.5

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The Novita ND25.5 offers a wide range of benefits, from removing excess moisture and keeping humidity in check to purifying the air. Featuring high performance with a 25.5L/day extraction rate, the Novita ND25.5 also emits up to 20 million/cm3 of negative ions to cleanse the air. The semi-permanent built-in ionizer and auto humidity sensor make sure that the device is always keeping your indoor environment comfortable, while the low and high airflow settings adjust to whatever your needs are. Additionally, the device also features a salt lamp air purifier dehumidifier and night light with three plugs for added convenience. With all these features and benefits, the Novita ND25.5 is an excellent choice for keeping your home safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Pricing and Warranty Coverage

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The Novita ND25.5 is available at an affordable price with a 3-year full coverage warranty for the repair or replacement of all parts during our promotion period. It also comes with an extended warranty for all other parts after the standard 1 year warranty period has expired with a few mega stores. Customers can purchase this product from various retailers such as Harvey Norman, Tangs and others. When comparing similar models, it is important to take into account the pricing and warranty coverage that each product offers. When it comes to the Novita ND25.5, customers can expect a competitive price and comprehensive warranty coverage that will provide peace of mind for years to come. If you make the purchase from our estore now you can get and choose your free gift worth up to $9 dollars. Check the latest details at

Compare Similar Models

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When looking for a dehumidifier and air purifier combination, it is important to compare similar models to ensure you are getting the best product for your needs. The Novita ND25.5 is an energy-efficient unit that offers high performance with an extraction rate of 25.5 litres/day and is suitable for spaces of up to 620 ft2 and 495 ft2 for dehumidification and air purification, respectively. It also emits up to 20 million/cm3 of negative ions to freshen your indoor air quality. Compared to other models such as the Tasciugo AriaDry Pure 2-in-1 Dehumidifier and the Mistral Dehumidifier MDH1022, the Novita ND25.5 offers superior performance at a competitive price. It also comes with a 3-year full warranty during the promotion period, giving users peace of mind when using the product.

Customer Review and Testimonials


Many customers who have purchased the Novita ND25.5 have been highly satisfied with their purchase. They have noted the high performance of 25.5 litres/day extraction rate, and its ability to filter out a lot of water and keep their home or workplace free from humidity. Customers have also praised the product’s durability, with some noting that it has not broken down yet. The fast and efficient transaction and delivery process has also been noted by customers, as well as the very accommodating and trustworthy seller. Many customers have also bought additional accessories such as the 12-Month Replacement Filter Pack, which they found to be useful and cost-effective.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips

Maintaining the Novita 2-In-1 Dehumidifier and Air Purifier ND25.5 is easy and straightforward. To keep the device running optimally, it is important to clean the air inlet frame and pre-filter screen regularly. If you experience any issues with the device, there are some troubleshooting tips available to help you get it functioning again.

Additional Accessories and Filters

The Novita ND25.5 includes several additional accessories and filters to help you with your dehumidifying and air purification needs. The product comes with a 2-metre PE hose to the continuous drainage port to enable easy and effortless removal of the collected water, giving you greater ease and convenience, as well as an H11 HEPA filter and granular activated carbon filter. This ensures that the air is purified of dust and other particles, making it safe for breathing. Furthermore, these additional filters make the ND25.5 an economical option for long-term use, as they can be replaced when necessary.


The Novita ND25.5 is an excellent choice for those looking for a 2-in-1 combo dehumidifier and air purifier to help maintain healthy humidity levels, prevent mould, and remove dust and smoke from the air. Its extraction rate of 25.5 litres/day, a coverage area of up to 495 ft2 for dehumidification and up to 620 ft2 for air purification, and 1 x H11 HEPA And Granular Activated Carbon Filter make it an ideal choice. With a price tag of $599 and 3-year full warranty coverage, you can be sure you are getting great value for your money.