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Far infrared rays activated energy water
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Energy water with abundance of oxygen
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HydroPlus® Elements emit up to 88% Far Infrared Ray (FIR) to produce energy water. As the natural resonant frequencies of molecules of water are within the far-infrared (FIR) wave frequencies, water molecules absorb energy easily from this radiated FIR wave and vibrate vigorously at that frequency. This produces an increase in heat/thermal energy and greater molecular interaction which in turn activates cells and enhances metabolism.

Far Infrared Ray (FIR)

FIR is part of the sunlight spectrum and is a form of light energy that is totally invisible to the naked eye. Unlike UV rays that can burn and damage skin, FIR is harmless to the body and we can feel this type of light, which we perceive as heat. The wavelength of Infrared waves is divided up by three levels (near, medium and far) and their ranges are 0.76 to 1.5micron, 1.5 to 4 micron, and 4 to 1,000 micron respectively.

FIR & The Human Body

All humans send and receive FIR waves. Our bodies radiate far infrared energy through the skin at 3 to 50 microns, with most output at 9.4 microns. On the other hand, we absorb FIR having specific wavelengths ranging from 6 to 14 microns.

Benefits of FIR

  • Elevate temperature of subcutaneous layers thus expanding blood capillaries to promote blood circulation & metabolism.
  • Improve lymph flow & assist in reduction of swelling & inflammation.
  • Speed up cellular metabolic rates to promote tissue regeneration.
  • Help release enzymes to stimulate macrophage activity & increase the elimination of damaged & diseased tissues.
  • Breakdown water molecules to release encapsulated gases and other toxic material.

Examples of FIR

Premature babies are constantly nurtured with the warmth of far infrared in neonatal units. The same heat keeps our food warm under lamps in cafeterias all day, and us in the bathroom.

We also feel warm on a bright sunny day even though the air is cool or cold. This is the effect when the rays of far infrared light from the sunlight enter our body.

Energy Water with Abundance of Oxygen

Alkaline Antioxidant Water produced from HydroPlus® Premium Water Ionizers contain abundance of hydroxyl ions, which can help us feel revitalised and energised due to the increase in blood oxygen level. These hydroxyl ions being an antioxidant can stabilise the highly reactive and unstable free radicals (O²-) by donating an electron to them. This process converts the excess free radical (O²-) into stable oxygen molecules (O²). Vital nutrients cannot be metabolised effectively and toxins cannot be properly eliminated without sufficient supply of stable oxygen (O²). In addition, sufficient supply of stable oxygen (O²) can help to activate our digestion cells and improve our metabolism remarkably. Since stable oxygen (O²) is constantly used by our body to perform numerous activities, drinking Alkaline Antioxidant Water can help to provide our body with sufficient supply of stable oxygen (O²) and in turn promote proper bodily functions .