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Water Kettle NKA 9

Looking for a hassle-free and less time consuming method of boiling water in style?

From setting up the kettle to filling it up with water, getting a stove going, keeping an eye on the kettle, every step is a hassle which requires a substantial amount of effort especially in today’s fast-paced and tech-savvy environment.

Transform your water boiling experience with Novita Water Kettle NKA 9 that embodies more than expected of a kettle.

Novita Water Kettle NKA 9

The new water kettle NKA 9 from novita will like to be the newest addition to your kitchen. Aesthetically pleasing and designed to give a good grip, the NKA 9 embodies more than expected of a kettle. Boil up to 1.2 litres of water in just 4 minutes. More than ordinary appliances, the NKA 9 comes with a safety features such as integrated thermostat and anti-boil dry mechanism, automatically switching off at boiling point and when no water is detected. With these safety features in place, you no longer need to keep an eye on the kettle.

Why should I use a novita Water Kettle?

water kettle image 1

Portable & Easy to Use

Conveniently portable, take delight in this sleek and extremely lightweight kettle that will surely be a joy to have in your kitchen. Undoubtedly easy and straightforward to use. But unlike traditional kettles, the NKA 9 does not require a fire to boil water. In just 4 minutes, this kettle takes less time and space to operate than it takes to get a stove going. Bringing you 3 different colours for your preference and allowance to match your kitchen effortlessly, with complete ease.

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Anti-boil Dry Device

When there is no water in the kettle, the NKA 9 will automatically switch off. This definitely works as a safety feature that is good to have in the kitchen.

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Boiling Without Needing The Stove

Running on electrical current, you can free up the needed stove space and boil your water, even from the countertop.

Where can I use a novita Water Kettle??

Residential Spaces

  • kitchen iconKitchen

Commercial Spaces

  • office iconOffice
  • restaurant iconRestaurant
  • cafe iconCafe
  • hospital iconHospital
  • lounge iconLounge
  • shop space iconShop Space
  • beauty & wellness centre iconBeauty & Wellness Centre


  • yacht iconYacht
  • caravan iconCaravan


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