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Novita is a dedicated household appliances brand committed to creating innovative products of exceptional quality and value that enrich and enhance lifestyle.

Over the years, we challenge convention and reinvent the way things are done to better secure a winning position in the marketplace. Our deep-rooted value of active learning and upgrading is channeled in every part of us, from our valued employees, suppliers right up to the retailers.

Appreciating the building of good relationships and support, it is our very intention to grow hand-in-hand with our network, encouraging and aiding them to reach their full potential. As a whole, we endeavor to harness useful progress to create a better quality of life for the consumers.



Vision for tomorrow

We aspire to be a global player that excels with cutting edge technology and innovation, building products of the highest quality and dependability.



Meaningful novita Products

Self-conscious and mindful of the important balance between body, mind and spirit, novita's products reach out to the day-to-day household woes of our lives and gives us a new meaning and definition of the ideal lifestyle and ease of mind that we all crave.



Product Innovation

We have an extensive range of products to cater to the various requirements of the consumers. We pay close attention to their needs by constantly listening to their feedbacks and suggestions so as to create products that are relevant and practical. Our products are categorised into 12 different concept themes as follows:



Marketing Support

Marketing is one key forte of novita. We rely on strong marketing activities and campaigns to disseminate our product concepts and also to gain market awareness as well as acknowledgement.



Sales Distribution

With 76 convenient distribution points islandwide and counting, we have successfully established a strong nationwide presence and sturdy business relationships with our supporting partners.



After Sales Service

Novita differentiates ourselves through service excellence. We live and promise to deliver exceptional customer service that is essential to differentiate our business from others. Believing in and providing customer focused and high quality after sales services, we ensure that our customers receive a personal yet professional experience that reaffirms their choice of trust in us. This customer satisfaction guarantee has gained us much competitive advantage which propelled us to where we are today.



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 Customer Care Centre
 8 Tagore Drive #04-00
 Singapore 787624

 Operating Hours (Mon-Fri) 
 0900 - 1230hrs, 1330 - 1745hrs

 Call (+65) 6552 1023

 WhatsApp (+65) 8182 7665

 Fax to (+65) 6553 0890




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