How to choose the right size dehumidifier?

August 24, 2023 By novitaSG Off

Do you need a dehumidifier?


If you live in an area with high humidity, you might find yourself in need of a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is a device that helps reduce the moisture in the air by extracting excess humidity. It can be particularly useful in spaces like basements that tend to have higher humidity levels. High humidity can lead to a variety of issues such as dampness, mould growth, and musty odours. Buying a dehumidifier can help prevent these problems by creating a more comfortable environment. When considering whether you need a dehumidifier, it is essential to monitor the relative humidity in your home. Ideally, the relative humidity should be around 30-50% for optimal comfort and health. If the humidity level exceeds this range, it may be time to invest in a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers work by drawing the moist air in and removing the excess moisture before releasing it back into the room. They can be quite effective in reducing humidity levels and improving air quality. So, if you are experiencing high humidity and its associated problems, such as a damp basement or musty smell, it might be a wise decision to buy a dehumidifier to create a healthier and more pleasant living space.

What Sizes are Available?


When it comes to dehumidifiers, various sizes are available to suit different needs and spaces. novita offers a range of dehumidifiers in different sizes to cater to the specific requirements of individuals. The novita Dehumidifier ND60 is one option, designed for larger spaces or areas with high humidity levels. It is capable of extracting a significant amount of moisture from the air, ensuring a comfortable environment. For smaller spaces or less intense humidity levels, the novita Dehumidifier ND50 may be more suitable. This mid-sized dehumidifier is efficient in removing moisture but is compact enough to fit in tight spaces. For even smaller spaces or areas with mild moisture issues, the novita Dehumidifier ND25 is a practical choice. It can effectively reduce humidity levels in rooms, wardrobes, or other confined spaces. Lastly, for compact spaces or occasional use, the novita Dehumidifier ND12 offers a lightweight and portable option. Although it is small in size, this dehumidifier still delivers effective moisture removal. So, regardless of the size of the space or the intensity of the humidity problem, novita has a dehumidifier to meet everyone’s needs.

How do you know what size dehumidifier you need?


When determining what size dehumidifier you need, it is important to consider the square footage of the area you want to dehumidify. The novita Dehumidifier ND60 is suitable for larger spaces, such as basements or whole houses, as it can remove up to 60 litres of moisture per usage. If you have a medium-sized area, like a bedroom or a small living room, the novita Dehumidifier ND50 would be a good choice, as it can extract up to 50 litres of moisture per usage. For smaller spaces, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms, the novita Dehumidifier ND25 should suffice, with its capacity to remove up to 25 litres of moisture per usage. Lastly, the novita Dehumidifier ND12 is ideal for extremely small spaces or areas with minimal moisture issues, as it can remove up to 12 litres of moisture per usage. Additionally, it is important to consider factors such as climate, humidity levels, and the presence of other moisture sources when selecting a dehumidifier size. Overall, choosing the right size dehumidifier ensures optimal moisture control in your space, helping to prevent mould growth and maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Are bigger dehumidifiers more efficient?


When it comes to dehumidifiers, one common question that often arises is whether bigger dehumidifiers are more efficient. novita offers a range of dehumidifiers to cater to different needs, including the novita Dehumidifier ND60, ND50, ND25, and ND12. While bigger dehumidifiers may have a larger capacity and can remove more moisture from the air, it does not necessarily mean that they are more efficient. Efficiency is determined by factors such as energy consumption and the ability to control humidity levels effectively.
The novita Dehumidifier ND60 is designed for larger spaces and has a dehumidification capacity of up to 60 litres per usage. It incorporates advanced technologies to optimize performance and energy efficiency. Similarly, the ND50 has a capacity of 50 litres per usage and is suitable for medium-sized areas. The ND25 and ND12, on the other hand, are compact dehumidifiers that are perfect for smaller rooms or specific areas that require targeted dehumidification.
Ultimately, the efficiency of a dehumidifier depends on several factors, including its size, capacity, and technological features. While bigger dehumidifiers may serve well in larger spaces, they may not be the most efficient choice for smaller areas. It is important to consider the specific requirements of the space and choose a dehumidifier that best meets those needs. novita offers a range of dehumidifiers to accommodate different spaces, allowing users to find the most efficient option for their specific situation.