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Do You Use Conventional Ironing At Home?

Conventional ironing is often time consuming and gruelling. From setting up the ironing board to removing clothes from the hanger, repositioning the garment, adjusting the right temperature, every step is a hassle which requires a great amount of effort. The possibility of damaging the fabric such as burn marks, fading of colour is higher with conventional ironing and these damages are permanent. Furthermore, ironing may not be suitable for all fabrics especially tricky ones with details such as beads/sequins, laces, pleats, ruffles, embroideries & rubberised prints.

garment steamer image 1Transform your every ironing experience with Novita EasySmooth™ Garment Steamers for results of optimally straightened fabrics without damage. They take extra care of your clothing with 4 rewarding qualities – no damage to fabrics, gentle on delicate fabrics, protect fabrics & effective for fabrics with tricky details!

Novita Garment Steamers

Novita EasySmooth™ Garment Steamers enable a quick, hassle-free and pleasant ironing experience through steaming without the ironing board. Steam is gentle enough to straighten out fabrics ensuring no burn marks, iron shine and discolouration. Being safe for use on delicate fabrics and effective on tricky details, novita EasySmooth™ Garment Steamers protect fabrics and prolong the lifespan of your clothing. Quick to start up and easy to use, simply fill the water tank to kick start steaming like never before!

Why Should I Use A novita EasySmooth™ Garment Steamer?

garment steamer image 2


Using a float switch for detection, unit starts beeping when water levels falls below safety level. This safety feature prevents overheating and damage to the unit while minimising the risk of fire hazard.

garment steamer image 3


Handy micro switch on the steamer head provides easy access and control to turn on or off the unit so you can start steaming right away with just a gentle flick of your hand!

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Ergonomically designed, novita Garment Steamer’s strategic height ensures a comfortable position while you straighten out your laundries. In addition, its stable base guaranteed that the unit does not wobble.

Customized Garment Care

Specific models of Novita Garment Steamers let you select from the comprehensive EIGHT STEAM POWER LEVELS to customize the steam output for use on different kinds of garment. Also, take note of the other garment care instructions for a complete garment care guide!

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How Does A novita EasySmooth™ Garment Steamer work?

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Where Can I Use A novita EasySmooth™ Garment Steamer?

Residential Spaces

  • living room iconLiving Room
  • bedroom iconBedroom

Commercial Spaces

  • hospital iconHospital
  • boutique iconBoutique
  • dry cleaner iconDry Cleaner


  • fashion shows iconFashion Shows


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