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Aroma Diffuser

Do You Know Mankind Responds Emotionally To Smell More Than Other Senses?

aroma diffuser image 1For centuries, people have been using aromatherapy for natural healing to improve overall wellness. The most common way of practising aromatherapy is to vaporise the essential oils into the air which affects a person’s limbic system via the sense of smell, hence improving his sense of well-being. With today’s modern lifestyle of facing constant demands and pressures, many are also turning to holistic therapies such as aromatherapy to improve their health and manage stress levels.

Benefits Of Aromatherapy

Going beyond the benefits of relaxation, aromatherapy helps in boosting overall body performance and ward off infections with their antiseptic properties for balanced living. Depending on the essential oils you use, it can ease your cold & flu, boost your immunity or relax your mind. The benefits obtained from aromatherapy also depend on the quality of the essential oils. Extracted from various parts of the plants, the highly concentrated essence provides the greatest therapeutic benefits.

So open up your senses to the beauty of aromatherapy for a true retreat of the body, mind and soul!

Novita PureScent™ Aroma Diffusers

Novita PureScent™ Aroma Diffusers enhances your personal aromatherapy session with its advanced ultrasonic technology designed to facilitate efficient adsorption with its ability to dissipate smaller essential oil molecules. Overcoming the limitations of traditional candle heated burners, novita PureScent™ Aroma Diffusers eliminate the dangers of a naked flame and potential health hazard of toxic fumes, delivering pure aroma—therapeutic goodness. Being portable and lightweight with other handy features, you are in for a perfect aromatherapy experience!

Why Should I Use A novita PureScent™ Aroma Diffuser?

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For greater therapeutic value, ultrasonic technology effectively disperses microscopic essential oil droplets thoroughly and evenly into the air for ready absorption by the lungs.

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Safe to use even around children, novita aroma diffusers overcome the limitations of traditional candle heated burners, eliminating the dangers of a naked flame, and the potential health hazard of toxic fumes.

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With a built-in sensor, unit shuts off automatically when the water level falls below the safety level, to prevent risk and damage to the unit and user.

How Does A novita PureScent™ Aroma Diffuser Work?

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Where Can I Use A novita PureScent™ Aroma Diffuser?

Residential Spaces

  • living room iconLiving Room
  • bedroom iconBedroom
  • study room iconStudy Room

Commercial Spaces

  • office iconOffice
  • beauty & wellness centre iconBeauty & Wellness Centre


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