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Through the various marketing platforms, we bring you news on the latest novita campaigns, product launches, new technology introduction and more so you can share our joy and be updated with our most up-to-date happenings!


Pre-Haze Campaign Series - Updated!

Thank you for your overwhelming support for our Pre-Haze Campaign!
Today marks the successful closure of our trade-in program & we are glad that almost $7000 was raised for SPMF during our event on 6 March 2015.
Novita still continues to provides free maintenance for all air purification units and a 50% discount on air filters until 31st March 2015!

Pre-Haze Campaign Series

Gear yourself against the approaching haze with our series of promotions this entire month of March! From 50% off all air purification filters to a complimentary routine check and servicing on your air purification unit, novita will be there to cover your air-vry needs.

NP 3360 HydroPlus Exclusive Launch

Novita Hot/Cold Water Dispenser NP 3360 now comes with HydroPlus® filter too! Relish in a remarkable experience in this award-winning design as you reward yourself with alkaline antioxidant water to promote better body metabolism and enhanced hydration. Enjoy instant quality hot and cold water with your loved ones and be surprised with time and space savings today!

The Magic of Christmas with novita

Merry Christmas!
During this joyous occasion, novita would like to do a little giving back to all dedicated customers like you for making our progress possible. LOOK OUT for the exclusive invitation card coming your way, which will entitle you to a free PETALI Series HydroPlus® Alkaline Antioxidant Water Pitcher NP 2290 on 20th December! Only 3,996 units up for grabs on a first come first serve basis so do come down early!

Happy 49th Birthday! 8 & 9 Aug 2014 - BT, TODAY, ST & LHZB

Happy 49th birthday Singapore! This year, the National Day Parade intends to celebrate the can-do attitude and caring spirit of our people. Here at novita, we live by the same traits and continuously strive to provide innovative solutions that would elevate your lifestyles. We wish Singapore peace and prosperity for the years ahead. Let us fly our flag high and work together towards an even better tomorrow!



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