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Latest Innovation Launched | Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Novita HydroCube™ Hot / Cold Water Dispenser NP 3310 is a fun, compact and functional unit for your home and office! Not your regular water dispenser, NP 3310 makes a statement with its 6 exciting colour choices and sleek design you will love! Driven by NSF Certified Ultra Hollow Membrane in your choice of HydroPlus® or HydroPure® filter and advanced ultraviolet germicidal lamp for effective water disinfection, NP 3310 produces quality water in hot, cold and room temperature to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Easy to use with its 1-touch and auto dispensing option, customisable with its smart programmable settings and hassle-free with simple DIY filter replacement, NP 3310 certainly delights in more ways than you can imagine!

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